unified modelling language

disclaimer: my english is bad, every correction will be very appreciated.

it’s a gloomy night. but, depends on what you’re listening to.

cause if one day you wake up and find that your missing me,
and your heart starts to wonder where on this earth i can be,

if you know from what song that chunk of lyrics is, that’s what i’m listening to now. it makes me remember the darkness memories of my past. it’s about two girls who have one same physical characteristic on their shape of teeth. the detail of the shape is a secret. if i write it here, i’m afraid there will be a mass tooth surgery soon. because, well, i got this thing called a crush on them.

but as you all probably know, i’m unskilled in love. so i have never told them. and now they have been married already. their wedding ceremony were happen at the same date, the same month, and the same year, or shortly: the same day. but different places. the first girl, she invited me to come to her wedding ceremony. but since it was outside of the town where i’m living, i couldn’t come. the second one, is in the town, but i didn’t get the invitation, and i didn’t even know that she’s gonna have a wedding ceremony that day too. i’m just accidentally passing through in the front of a building where i can see the bride’s name in the janur kuning, her name. to make sure, i checked it out in the social media aaand it’s true. her wedding.

i believe that everything is happen for reasons. the similarity of their teeth, their wedding ceremony at the same day, myself who is accidentally passing by the building. there must be something with it, a miracle, a magical, conspiracy. at least, i can make a post based on this true story.

speaking of wedding ceremony, there are many things that related to it, especially the foods. but i’m not gonna tell you anything about the wedding foods today. i’m gonna tell you a story about a cup. a wedding cup.

the uml cup

my class in the college, has a tradition. every person who get married, deserves one small cup, and one big cup. they can have the small cup for good, but the big cup is passed to the next one who get married, and also get her/his name carved on it. that big cup is called the uml cup. in the realm of software, uml stands for unified modeling language, it is a standardized general-purpose modeling language in the field of object-oriented software engineering. but in this cup, it stands for: “udah menikah lho” (just married).

pacifist uml cup

the process of carving the name is done in a trophy store in bandung. so, there has to be someone in bandung who take care of it. that someone is not me, until the sixth edition of the uml cup.

the sixth wedding was held outside bandung. the previous one who handled the trophy was pregnant and can’t go too far. so that is my first job, just to deliver the cup from bandung to cipanas puncak, bogor. the next job is not just to deliver, but also to get the name carved on the uml cup, and to buy the small cup.

why me? here’s the story..

that night, a pack of guys suddenly appear in front of me. they said they’re looking for a transporter, who specializes moving goods of all kinds. i asked why they chose me.

“because you have reputation. you’re slow, but you never late. maybe you can carry a 9 months pregnant woman through any motor cross circuit and she feels no significant shocks . and when you were a baby, the doctor miss-injected you with some brand of cola instead of immunization serum.”
“huh? is that true? what’s the relation with cola? anyway, i’m sorry,” i said, “i’m not available.”

the next second they’re pointing a shotgun to my mouth. a shotgun with cheese bullets. i was very afraid. so i said to them,

“okay, but with one condition.”
“we’re listening, what condition is that?” they’re grinning.
“i’m not wearing shoes.”

ya ya ya, that’s not the real story. let’s just talk about the trophy store.

the trophy store is located at the new castle street in parijs van java (jalan astana anyar, bandung). traffic jam often occurs in this road because it has many adjacent intersections. the road is also very hot due to the lack of trees. if you are a white skinned person, then you’ll be brown soon after passing this road. if you wore a dry shirt, then it’ll get wet under 3 minutes in this road because of your sweat. if it’s not for the happiness of my friends’ wedding, i wouldn’t do it.

most of my friends (the members of my class) have left bandung ever since we graduated, so the wedding also spread in several places in indonesia, outside this town. it is hard to deliver the small cup because it is more fragile than the big one. that’s why after the 15th edition of the uml cup, the small cup is replaced by medal. the missions aren’t always completed. the big cup didn’t attend in the 15th, the 17th, and the 18th wedding. the medal of the 17th wedding also didn’t arrive in time.

there are many friends who helped me did the missions, and most of them are not married yet. thank you my friends, when we leave this year, we’ll be 25. i hope our turn will come soon. very soon.

soon, very soon

picture source: izismile.com