meet her parent

bella: blue. chief  swan: orange. edward: green.

i have a date with edward cullen.
he’s a little old for you, isn’t he?
he’s a junior. i’m a junior.
i thought you liked the cullens.

i thought you didn’t like any of the boys in town.
edward doesn’t live in town.
he’s right outside.

he is?
yeah, he wanted to meet you, officially.
all right. bring him in.
could you be nice?
he’s important.

chief swan.
i want to formally introduce myself. i’m edward cullen.

hi, edward.
bella won’t be out too late tonight.
she’s just gonna play baseball with my family.

yes, sir, that’s the plan.
bella’s gonna play baseball.
well, good luck with that.

i’ll take good care of her. i promise.

still got that pepper spray?

yeah, dad.

taken from twilight.

11 Responses

  1. ihiy. kapan chenk? kapan chenk?

  2. awawawaw..

    next time, meet my dad.. 😛

  3. assa.
    cihiy, dahsyat kali lah uceng ini, crita2 en bagi2 pngalaman lah ntar hag2

  4. wa’alaykumussalam wr wb..

    siap om..
    atau tanya2 hikam aja yg lebih master, februari dia mau nikah kan.. 😆

  5. gila, serem2 banget seh udah pada mau nikah

  6. kalo pepper spraynya diganti hairspray gimana? 😛

  7. 😆
    you can’t hurt werewolf with those sprays..

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