nov ember rain

since junior high school, i were already falling in love with the title of this guns n roses song, november rain. ya, just the title. indeed, it is always raining in my country, indonesia, at the months which have the “ber” suffix in their name (september, october, november and december).

and when it is raining, and alone, i like to do such a thing without any serious purpose, just to amuse, just for fun, or in bahasa indonesia we call it iseng..Β  πŸ˜€ but actually, i like to iseng every minute of every day, ahahaii πŸ˜† i wrote the first paragraph and the first sentence in this second paragraph just to make this post become longer.. πŸ˜†

what i really want to do now is to try to add a video in my post. this the first time, so i’m a little bit nervous.. oh ya, this is the first time i use english in my post too.. my english is bad, please let me know if i’ve done wrong.

woaaaa.. it works! you see that? the video? woaaa!

-just write what you can’t remember, what you can’t tell-

6 Responses

  1. hiyaaa… kiarin cerita tentang novembernya, malah ternyata masang video..
    ciye yang abis test toel, postingnya langsung bahasa inggris gitu, ehehee

  2. test toel??
    apa itu?
    di toal toel gitu yak?

    ahaha πŸ˜†

  3. toefl..
    aa~~ salah tulissssss.. aaaa~~~

  4. assa.
    cihiy gaya lah pake bhs inggris. tp kok videony bukan november rainnya gnr?

  5. wa’alaykumussalam wr wb..

    suka aja ama lagu ini, dan scene ini, ehe

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