what am i?

lagi kecanduan facebook, dpt aplikasi macem2, yg lagi seru ya inih:

which hero are you

You are “Claire Bennet”!

Nothing can hurt you, except for high school drama. Congratulations you have the power to heal. Now if you could only use it to fix your whiny, complaining personality. You have a paranoid side, which compliments your worried side, which fits in really well with your angst. But at least you’re kind of hot.

what superhero are you

You are “Batman”!

Not afraid to take the law into your own hands, you are the rebellious superhero. You’re just as likely to get into a bar brawl as you are to save the world. While you’re brilliant, cunning, and a little crazy, not one can call you intolerant. After all, you’ve kept that talentless midget as your partner all of these years.

which harry potter character are you?

You’re Lucius Malfoy!

(ga ada penjelasan..)

what color are you?

You’re Green Today!

The color of immortality, nature and envy – you are truly a unique person. While clearly the color of nature, you also symbolize rebirth, fertility and hope in the world. On the other side of the spectrum, a natural aptitude to money with green coming to signify money and possibly even marijuana!

udah ah segitu aja dulu.. walaupun ga terlalu ngerti artinya apa, membanggakan atau ngga,, mudah2an aku bisa jadi aku yg terbaik.. klo katanya pak rinaldi kira2 gini:

kamu lihat puncak-puncak sifat baik dari orang2, lalu kamu ambil itu, contoh itu, sehingga kamu bisa jadi orang yang lebih baik lagi..

-just write what you can’t remember, what you can’t tell-

6 Responses

  1. cenk, cara mainan aplikasi itu gmn sih?
    ga gaul nih si inay..

  2. klik aja di deket2 kotaknya,
    ntar ikutin aja proses selanjutnya..

  3. sayang ya..ga ada “what AADC character are you?” 😛

  4. hmm, iya juga ya kak,,
    klo ada, kira2 hasilnya ya gini:

    what AADC character are you?
    “you are RangGa!!”
    intinya, kamu itu klo dilihat dari luar memang dingin, tapi hati kamu hangat..

    hmm, ya ya ya..

  5. lucius malfoy??
    nah, berarti lo antagonis dul..

    AADC? ngarep!!!!

  6. iya nih, pasti salah tu org yg bikinnya, harusnya aku dpt ron wesley..
    kan endingnya ntar nikah ama hermione granger..

    iya aadc, biarin weekk!

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